Grow your business—
and our communities.

  • Loan Products

    For many businesses, our work begins by finding the right business loan option. It fuels your growth, innovation, expansion and confidence. We’re here to support your success.


    Loan Products

  • Checking

    We get it: If you’re a sole proprietor or non-profit, your business checking needs are different than the corporate world (and vice versa). Our account options are built for you.


  • Ag

    We support your operation with people who know the realities – and rhythm – of farming. Offering commitment and guidance, we serve some of the region’s top-producing growers.

    Ag Solutions

Online Services

Useful and responsive online services can add valuable minutes (or even hours) to your never-ending workday. Rely on our online and mobile options for:

  • Online Banking
  • Advanced Online Banking:
    Multiple users and approval levels, Advanced cash management sweeps, ACH transactions and wire transfers
  • Mobile App and Mobile Web

Learn About Online Services

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Additional Business Services

  • Remote Deposit

    Avoid the daily rush to the bank by using Remote Deposit. You’ll also reduce costs, extend your deposit window, enjoy faster clearing, streamline your operations and gain peace of mind.

  • Merchant Card Services

    Meet customer expectations for debit card and credit card payment options. Integrate your processing across multiple point-of-sale platforms (in-store, mobile devices, phone or internet, etc.).

  • Cash Management Sweeps

    Day-to-day cash flow is critical. With our cash management sweep services, you’ll earn interest and plan more effectively. Our options allow you to transfer money from deposit accounts or set up loan transfers.